Rivendell Associates has partnered with the most successful- several Fortune 500- fintech, building materials, construction, real estate, and capital markets companies in the world. Rivendell Associates has also been instrumental in strategically placing senior level executives into small sized businesses, only to watch them soar to new heights.

Rivendell Associates seeks to serve those who want to win The War on Talent. Economic and socio-economic factors are making it more and more challenging to secure much needed talent. Rivendell Associates takes this War on Talent very seriously and has witnessed many corporations short-changing themselves and being their own worst enemy.

Rivendell Associates has systems in place that differentiates themselves from the masses. We understand that timing is everything in business as is in life, and thus have designed systems that speak to urgency without sacrificing quality. Our speed to fill metric is what allows us to offer our service in the affordable manner we do. This makes it a no brainer for clients to test our process before going through the lengthy and expensive route of fully retained placement.

Rivendell Associates creates a successful culture by determining mutually set expectations with their clients. The only way to achieve our quality and urgency metrics, is by clearly defining objectives up front. This is part of our systems- is fool proof, and is built to impress our clients. Before you go retained or call any other recruiter, give us a call- we guarantee a successful experience.